Washington Square uses photography, recorded testimony, and song to revive the spirit and characters of Washington Square Park in the mid-1980’s. Adapted from photographs and fieldwork by my father (Lee Wexler) in 1985 through 1987, each song in the piece portrays someone who connected deeply with the park; who called it home in some way. 

Music and Lyrics by Ben Wexler

Essential - Victoria Clark (Artists in Residence)
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Make Your Own - Key Change (Ben Wexler)
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Essential (Music, Lyrics, and Orchestration 

by Ben Wexler)

Artists in Residence, Broadway Records (2020)

Performed by Victoria Clark

She's Two - Ship Show
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Out of Love - Ship Show
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Ship Show

Music by Ben Wexler

Lyrics by Mark Sonnenblick


Susana and Tom win a fabulous cruise that will fix all of their problems. Then the boat fabulously breaks down and they're stuck floating in the Caribbean with furious passengers, spoiled food, and a wild tiger that's escaped from its cage...

Make Your Own (Music and Lyrics by Ben Wexler)

performed by Ariella Serur

From Key Change